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  • Fighting to keep TAXES LOW
  • Promoting Business Growth = JOBS
  • Supporting Strong PUBLIC SAFETY for our families
  • Protecting the rich heritage of our VETERANS

City Council
Vote May 3rd

Robert Ike for Chesapeake City Council

    Robert was born in California, but lived most of his early years moving across Europe as a US Navy dependant.  His father retired to Chesapeake in 1976 and Robert attended Great Bridge High School, graduating in 1979.  He enlisted in the US Air Force as a Military Policeman serving 2 years in Washington DC and 2 years at the United States Disciplinary barracks on Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas.

    In 1983 Robert returned to Chesapeake and was sworn in as a Deputy Sheriff with the Virginia Beach Sheriff's Office.  He worked in the correctional center, served civil papers, and as a General District Court bailiff.  In 1985 Robert transferred to the Chesapeake Police Department and was assigned to the Uniform Patrol Division.  He was later selected as a Field training Officer where he was assigned to train new recruits in patrol procedures and special skills.  Robert taught several courses at the Police Academy; Emergency vehicle operations, Constitutional Law, State Law, and handling the emotionally disturbed.  He also worked five years as a Traffic Radar Enforcement Officer and a Motorcycle Patrol Officer.

    In 1989, along with his Father Bob, he started Sentry Security Systems, installing residential and business security systems, access control and surveillance cameras.  This was primarily as a means to supplement his family income.  However, Sentry grew quickly and required more and more of his time, so in 1996, he was forced to decide between the two.  With young children at home, he opted to leave the Police Department and build Sentry.  He resides in the Great Bridge section of Chesapeake, is married to Brenda Ike and has four sons and five grandchildren.   

Dear Friends,

    I love Chesapeake.  We are a treasure of superlative schools, innovative economic initiatives and natural parks and trails of exceptional beauty.  We are also one of the top financially strong cities in America.  In contrast, the rest of our country is spiraling into a depth of excessive spending and big government.  We do not want that to happen here...not in our Chesapeake.  For this reason, I am running for re-election for Chesapeake City Council.  

    I humbly ask for your support.  Give me the opportunity to continue to make the best decisions for a Chesapeake that is strong today and Stronger Tomorrow!

Robert Ike Jr.

    I believe our City Government should provide an environment where citizens can pursue their own goals, free from unnecessary policies, laws and taxes. The free market system, competition and private enterprise, especially small business, are what will provide jobs and prosperity in the City of Chesapeake. We need to make doing business in the City of Chesapeake easier than any other city in Virginia. This will attract more small business, industry, and manufacturing to help build our local economy which will in turn reduce the tax burden on residents.
    I served as a Chesapeake Police Officer from 1985 to 1996 and have personal experience with criminal activity in our city. We must be protected from those elements that would do harm to our families and property. I will work alongside our Police and Sheriff's Departments to make sure they are proactive and have the resources they need to keep Chesapeake safe! We also need to ensure that our Fire and Rescue professionals have the manpower, equipment, and training they need to respond to emergencies!

Our Public Safety workers are essential to keeping Chesapeake moving into the future and we need to be sure they are supported in their efforts!

       I support lower taxes and smaller, less intrusive government. Reduced taxes create more incentive for citizens to work, save, invest, and engage in entrepreneurial pursuits. We need to work hard attracting more business and industry to Chesapeake! I also believe that money is best spent by the people who earn it.
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